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name Amla
botanical name Embelica officinalis
source of supply India (Uttar Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh) and Pakistan (Punjab)
form of use Powder, liquid extract oil
application A rich source of vitamin C, used in ayuvedic medicines, particulary in tonics and cold remedies. Also used as a herbal shampoo.
our interest To work with an Indian supplier to promote its use in Europe and the USA. Evaluating a spray-dried amla extract as a natural source of vitamin C.
name Agarwood
botanical name Aquilera malaccensis
source of supply Indonesia, offshore Malaysia, Vietnam and Laos
form of use Resinous wood segments, chips, powder, essential oil
application Traditionally used as incense in Bhuddist and Islamic ceremonies, also as medicine in China and Vietnam.
our interest Developing sustainable plantations in Vietnam and Laos with TRP Rainforest Project and promoting eco-labelled agarwood products.
name Basil
botanical name Ocimum basilicum
source of supply This Mediterranean culinary herb is grown commercially in France, USA, Spain, and Italy. Other varieties are found India, Pakistan and Central Africa.
form of use Dried crushed herb, ground powder, essential oil
application Purple basil is a culinary herb. Indian Ocean basil is used to produce an essential oil. "Black basil" Ocimum sanctum is used in ayuvedic medicine.
our interest Helped introduce Indian Ocean type basil to Pakistan and promote its export to Europe and the USA.
name Bergamot
botanical name Citrus bergamia
source of supply This citrus variety is only grown on a large scale in Italy (Reggio) and Cote d’Ivoire.
form of use Essential oil
application Bergamot oil is used in the fragrance industry and as an ingredient in Eau de Cologne. It is also used to flavour Earl Grey Tea.
our interest Helped develop bergamot cultivation and processing in Cote d’Ivoire.
name Capsicum
botanical name Capsicum annum, Capsicum frutescens
source of supply Capsicums include paprika, hot chillies & bell peppers. Chillies come from India, Pakistan, China and Uganda; paprika from Hungary, Spain and South Africa. Bell peppers come from Europe and the USA.
form of use Fresh vegetable, whole dried spice, ground powder, oleoresin, tincture
application Used in cooking and the flavouring industry. Chilli oleoresin are used in burn creams. Paprika is a natural red dye for many foodstuffs.
our interest Helped introduce true paprika into India and improved practices for Dandicut chillies in Pakistan. We source elite plant material and finished capsicum products.
name Chamomile
botanical name Anthemis nobilis, Matricaria chamomile, Tanacetum annum
source of supply Hungary, Egypt, Morocco and Argentina
form of use Dried flowers, essential oil
application Used as a herbal tea, in fragrances, shampoos and medicine.
our interest Helped introduce chamomile into Saudi Arabia and Pakistan and promote Tanacetum annum oil from Morocco.
name Dates
botanical name Pheonix dactylifera
source of supply Iraq, Saudi Arabia, Tunisia and Pakistan
form of use Fresh, dried, syrup
application Used as a fresh and dried fruit and in cooking. Date syrup is used as a sugar substitute.
our interest Have been involved in the design of a date drying and syrup production plant in Pakistan.
name Digitalis
botanical name Digitalis pupurea, Digitalis lanata
source of supply Foxglove grows wild throughout Europe. Commercial supplies come from Germany, Switzerland, Hungary and Italy.
form of use Tinctures and solvent extracts from the leaf
application Used in both herbal and allopathic medicine mainly for cardiac treatment. A source of digitoxin and digoxin.
our interest Cultivation of digitalis in India for the local and export markets.
name Echinacea
botanical name Echinacea angustifolia, Echinacea pupurea
source of supply USA, Germany and Hungary
form of use Tinctures and extracts of dried roots and rhizomes
application An antibacterial and antiviral used against skin disease.
our interest Developing new sources of echinacea in the USA and South America. We source raw materials and extracts.
name Eucalyptus
botanical name Eucalyptus globulus, Eucalyptus polybrachtea
source of supply Australia, Portugal, China and South Africa
form of use Essential oil, fractionated aroma chemical
application Used widely in soap and pharmaceutical products as an antiseptic, antispasmodic expectorant.
our interest Provision of plant material and technology for high-yielding production.

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