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We analyse technical and marketing problems and come up with cost effective solutions.
We appraise the viability of agribusiness investments for international banks and corporations.
We brief clients on new business opportunities in the field of natural products.
We work closely with our clients to build projects from conception through to implementation.
We work closely with specialist agencies to conserve endangered medicinal and aromatic plants.
We provide practical advice on how to cultivate a wide range of plants for food and medicine.
We help design specialist equipment like greenhouses, propagation systems and distillation units.
We work with industry to develop new natural products and new sources of supply.
We operate a number of projects as joint ventures providing certain services in exchange for equity.
We work with leading companies who extract essential oils, phytochemicals and other natural extracts.
We work closely with development finance institutions and international aid agencies.
We have expertise with frozen, IQF and freeze dried fruit and vegetables.
We ensure that client’s products comply with the latest EU or US grading and packing norms.
We produce practical guidelines andother audiovisual materials on a wide range of natural products.
We promote sustainable harvesting techniques to prevent overexploitation of rare plants.
We are committed to helping the development process and work closely with non-profit organisations.
We identify reliable sources and work directly with producers to ensure quality and continuity of supply.
We specialise in introducing novel crops and new technologies in the field of natural products.
We help sponsors wishing to join hands with overseas companies find suitable Joint Venture partners.
We advise on juicing and concentration of tropical fruits including citrus, pineapple, grape and mango.
Although we do not claim to know everything about natural products we know someone who does.
We lecture at international conferences and seminars on subjects related to natural products.
We develop direct links between producers andconsumers to ensure regularity and of supply.
We provide on site and off site management for projects on both a long term and short-term basis
We assist in all aspects of marketing including direct sales, client selection and after sales service.
We nurture new projects during the start up phase by offering back up technical support services.
We organise trade missions, trade fairs stands and other trade promotion activities.
Our mission is to promote natural products internationally.
We propagate elite plant material and advise on the design and installation of propagation systems.
We prepare business plans and financial statements quantifying costs and benefits of new investments.
We prepare feasibility studies, research surveys and reports on all aspects of natural products.
We have close links with major international institutions involved in natural product research.
We select suitable sites, appropriate technologies and the right customers to supply.
We source and supply inputs, expertise and equipment needed to produce and process natural products.
We organise on site and ex situ training courses and prepare specialist training materials.
International Technology Transfer is the core of our business.
We upgrade existing operations through new technology or improving management practices.
We regularly visit our customers and project sites to ensure close supervision.

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